Like it or not we all need good design. You see winning over new clients will at some stage involve you putting something in front of your potential customers. And whether that’s advertising, branding, packaging, or even a simple cost estimate good design helps. Get this right and you are able to communicate what you offer and give people a sense of what makes your business different and worth trying.  Good design can be a major help, or a hindrance.

Having worked with designers on everything from simple stickers to complex web designs & print advertising I can tell you this…It’s often the small things that make you come unstuck. An image that is just a little off, a font that makes things more confusing rather than more inviting and so on. But this simple error that’s highlighted by our guest expert Tracy Davies from A-dept studios is probably the most amusing. Oh of course that’s if you’re not the business or advertiser in question.



“Typography is the art of arranging type to make written language legible, readable & appealing. And kerning is
the spacing between letters and characters in a piece of text.
Simple Right? Nope.
Bad kerning can literally cause my eyes to explode. But sometimes it can be a source of great amusement!”




1. Font Change- Kerning Check

Every font has a different spacing between letters and words. So make sure that you have a kerning check on your to do list henever you move to a new font. IN fact before settling on a font it’s wise to check kerning out. Is the spacing too far apart between characters?  And are you satisfied with the spacing between words. It’s going to get really annoying if that’s the case.

2. Fresh Eyes Check:

Rope in a volunteer or two to check legiblity. Ideally you want to find someone who doesn’t have any clue about what you’re trying to say. Fresh eyes should be better able to pick up kerning than those of someone who’s tuned in to what your intentions.

3. Upside Down Test

Flip your design upside down and now do a kerning check. You’ll get a much better idea of the spacing between characters if you aren’t looking at the message.




Tracy is the founder & owner of a-dept studios, a Durban-based graphic design agency. She’s a talented senior graphic designer, with more than 15 years experience in below-the-Line advertising. She is dedicated and committed, producing quality work that is always on brief and on time.

Tracy’s skills include, but are not limited to, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Corporate Identities, Conceptual Skills, Promotional Campaigns, Trade Presenters and various promotional point-of-sale elements.